Think you can just coast through the fall with the same skin care routine you had all summer? No way—but here’s your crash course on how to rejuvenate and refresh your skin so it looks and feels sensational this season. 

1. Cleanse: As the humidity escapes the air, you may find your skin feels drier. To help your skin cope, choose a cream or milk-based, non-foaming cleanser. Any sudsing cleanser is going to strip your skin of natural humectants and oils, while a non-foaming creamy cleanser will contain hydrating properties to add extra moisture to your skin. Cleanse your face at night only! It may be tempting to scrub your skin during your morning shower, but since all you did was sleep, you don’t need to—and skipping that step will keep your skin hydrated from the night cream you applied eight hours earlier.

2. Grab a tool: Summer sun brings environmental pollutants that get into your skin and accelerate the aging process. A cleansing tool with an oscillating brush head has the ability to clean skin up to six times more effectively than your fingertips, which means those toxins will take a hike—for good.

3. Exfoliate: At the end of summer, skin can look dry and dull, thanks to a buildup of dead skin cells. To slough them away, use a gentle exfoliator (the smaller the granules, the better, especially if you have sensitive skin).  

4. Add a masque: Once a week, add a facial masque to your evening regime. Choose one that’s either purifying or super-hydrating. 

5. Go heavy on the night cream: During summer, a rich night cream can clog pores, but in the fall, the thicker the better to ensure all the hydration you’re putting into your skin stays locked in overnight. 

"Here’s your crash course on how to rejuvenate and refresh your skin so it looks and feels sensational this season."

6. Use a serum: In the morning, apply a serum to your skin before you apply your day cream. Did you know serums penetrate past the epidermis—in a way creams can’t? This means a hydrating serum will add an extra hit of moisture right from the get-go. 

7. Prime your skin: Remember that slip n’ slide feeling you had all summer, as your makeup refused to stay put? While your foundation should cooperate better in fall, a primer will not only ensure that your makeup sits tight throughout the day, it’ll act as another moisture-adding layer to your skin before you apply your makeup.

8. Protect your hard work: Even if the sun isn’t shining, you still need sun protection—daily. While you should be wearing 40-50 SPF during the summer months, you can go down to 30 if you walk to work or go outside at lunch, and 15 if you never really see the light of day.