Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour dishes her best kept beauty secrets. Known for her role in the James Bond film Live and Let Die, Seymour tells us about her skin care routine, the importance of self-confidence, and what it’s like being in the limelight.

Mediaplanet: You shot to worldwide fame through your role as Solitaire in the James Bond film Live and Let Die. How does it feel to be ranked as one of the Top 10 Bond Babes of all time? 

Jane Seymour: It’s humbling but also encouraging that the youth of today seem to love the movie as much as the audience did when it first came out. It’s a timeless credit to have and one that I am very proud of. Of course, it’s also flattering that younger people are discovering me in that film and thus watching other projects I’ve done.

MP: Did you notice a change in your skin as you aged? How did this affect your skin care routine? 

JS: As I’ve aged, I’ve needed to protect my skin from the damage I did when I was younger, like sun worshiping with reflector boards. I tend to not need expensive facials if I am consistent with my day and night regimen.

MP: Do you feel that there is pressure for women to maintain a youthful appearance in Hollywood?

JS: There is definitely pressure to look your best in Hollywood especially with high definition, in which all flaws are clearly seen. The magic of makeup and lighting are tricks you learn. I’ve always found basic nutrition and exercise — and clean, well maintained skin and hair — are very important. I’ve always felt, as an actress, you present yourself as a blank canvas that is then turned into the character that you play.

MP: It’s hard to believe that you are over 65 — you look fantastic! Can you share some of your skin care tips with our readers?

JS: I never sleep with my makeup on — ever. I am very careful to remove all eye makeup and my magic trick is diluted baby shampoo on a Q-Tip — an eye doctor gave me that trick. I’ve found there is nothing that beats clean skin, products that protect you from the sun, and a good exfoliator.  For my body, I use Crepe Erase liberally as it keeps my skin crepe free, smooth and youthful looking.

MP: Your book Open Hearts shares the message only when you learn to love yourself and keep your heart open, are you able to give and receive love. Do you think feeling confident and beautiful as you age is important when it comes to learning to love yourself?

JS: We never stop learning about ourselves. There’s always room for improvement. As my mother said, when we can accept challenge in life and maybe our own idiosyncrasies and patterns, then we have a choice to change if we want to. It’s never too late. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, to me, is the goal.  People who are that way exude beauty from the inside.