Motherhood has reaffirmed Michaels’ belief in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. “Without question, between work and family it can be tough to get a workout in. But as difficult as it may be, I am motivated by my desire to be healthy for my family and set a good example for my kids,” says Michaels.

She instills healthy habits in her children by keeping them active. In addition, she keeps us active as well. Her project, Body Revolution, helps men and women get into the best shape of their lives.

“If you’re in a hurry to eat something, go for something real, and whole that isn’t full of chemicals.”

Make a lifestyle change

Living life to the fullest simply means doing everything possible to stay healthy. “Exercise does amazing things. Being physically strong really does transcend into every facet of life and improves, sleep, self-esteem and energy levels,” Michaels states. In her book, Slim for Life, she shares great tips for eating healthy, this is essential, especially for women on-the-go. 

Michaels recommends her 4 x 4 rule: eat every 4 hours; three solid meals and one snack between lunch and dinner. This will stabilize blood sugar, optimize insulin production and manage hunger. In addition to that fact, avoid ‘fat-free’ foods because labels don’t always tell the truth. Michaels suggests, “If you’re in a hurry to eat something, go for something real, and whole that isn’t full of chemicals.”

Personal time

Working on a better you is time well spent. A healthy, happy mom is able to give the very best of herself to her family and her career ambitions. “Make it a priority to take an hour out of your day to nurture yourself — take a bubble bath, watch your favourite show, engage in a hobby, do a workout DVD. A little something goes a long way,” Michaels says.

Empire state of mind

Dreams and values should never be abandoned. Michaels is able to live courageously and passionately because of her ability to push through challenges and focus on the next positive step.

“Follow your passion.  You have dreams for a reason — they are your destiny, which is a matter of choice, not chance,” declares Michaels.