Psoriasis is so much more than a skin condition for the one million Canadians who live with it. That’s what Canadian dermatologists want people to know. Nearly 85 percent of Canadians with psoriasis reported experiencing discrimination or humiliation due to their skin condition, according to an international survey. Dermatologists recognize the profound physical, emotional, and social impact psoriasis can have. Many of their patients go to extreme lengths to cover the raised red and scaly patches that are the classic symptoms of the disease.

"If we can help elevate the awareness of the disease, we can create better understanding of the emotions experienced by people living with psoriasis." — Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi

Dermatologists and dermatology residents from across the country took part in body painting, using their skin as a canvas to help show support for their patients. They painted parts of their bodies to resemble psoriasis — with an artistic touch and messages like courage, compassion, hope, and empathy.

For these doctors, it’s all about their patients and supporting them in a different way. They are featured in a television public service announcement to increase awareness and understanding. To view it and for more information about psoriasis, visit

Painting a picture of my patients’ psoriasis is a collaboration between the Canadian Dermatology Association, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., and the Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients.