For many patients diagnosed with rare disorders and their families, navigating the health care system when they are ill and worried can be overwhelming. Patient support programs (PSPs) have been developed by manufacturers to help improve patient outcomes by ensuring patients have access to the support services they need. They support patients by providing Nurse Case Managers who offer knowledge and compassion to patients throughout their journey.

Nurse Case Managers use their expertise to help patients gain access to their medication, receive their treatment at their home or at an infusion clinic, and alleviate their stress and anxiety during regular phone calls.  They also arrange support services so patients can focus on what matters most – their health. Nurse Case Managers understand what patients need.

“My patients are all unique,” says one Nurse Case Manager at Innomar Strategies, a leading provider of PSPs in Canada. “I’ve worked with parents whose newborn child was just diagnosed and needed medication shipped to the hospital immediately, helped teenagers trying to figure out how to fit infusions into their active lives, and patients who want to travel and need help to arrange infusion clinics in other countries.”

Though the services offered might differ from patient to patient, the reward of supporting patients remains the same for Nurse Case Managers: “Most importantly, we get to see people return to normal lives.”