Grammy-award winning singer LeAnn Rimes hid her psoriasis for years, but now shares with us her secret to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle thanks to her Grammy-award winning confidence.

Mediaplanet: How long have you had psoriasis?

LeAnn Rimes: I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was two years old. It first appeared in my scalp after I came down with a bad case of strep throat.

MP: How has the disease affected your personal and professional life?

LR: Dealing with psoriasis has posed many challenges both personally and professionally. Growing up with scales and red patches covering my body led to lots of hiding — physically and emotionally. Dealing with this debilitating disease in front of the world posed a whole other set of insecurities. I’ve never been truly comfortable in my body, in my skin. In fact, it’s something I’m just now stepping into with true confidence. I’m learning that I’m not my psoriasis. I am something way more vibrant and powerful than my autoimmune disease.

MP: What is your advice for people with psoriasis who are struggling with confidence?

LR: My advice is what I said above, you are way more vibrant and powerful than your autoimmune disease. My daily meditation has helped calm my nervous system, and I truly believe it has helped change the way my immune system functions. I highly recommend carving out time for yourself daily for self-care, such as meditation, to nurture your spirit, slow your mind, and help you really face the lack of confidence that can plague someone suffering from psoriasis. Mindset is everything, and cultivating a positive, joyful frame of mind can be miraculously healing.

MP: What gives you confidence today?

LR: Today, I find my confidence in my authenticity, in accepting myself as a whole woman, the dark, the light, and everything in between. I know who I am on a much deeper level these days. I know I am more than this soul case that I’m inhabiting. No matter the external flaws, I love myself and I’m really beginning to fully embody that self-love.