The Kidney Foundation’s research investments are the cornerstone to the support we provide Canadians living with kidney disease.

For more than 50 years, the Foundation has made this a priority by directing funds to innovative projects that make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

It has been tremendously rewarding to see the success of the KRESCENT program. Through their research, this talented group of researchers is dedicated to changing the landscape of treatment options, therapies, and prevention methodologies. They are leaders in raising awareness about the Foundation, its programs, and services.

In addition to the value which will come of such a focused investment by many funding partners, including The Kidney Foundation, we are pleased to see so many patients directly engaged through the Can-SOLVE CKD network. Inviting patients to lead the direction of the Network and to be invested partners in the research projects from their inception through to their ultimate discoveries, is a game changing opportunity we are proud to support.

In addition to its research investment, the Foundation continues to provide a variety of programs for patients impacted by kidney disease daily. Our information and referral services provide extensive data to people, while programs like peer support and the Kidney Community Kitchen offer practical supports.