Is it ok to eat soy?  Should I take folic acid? Can I eat sushi? Good nutrition is important before and during pregnancy.

Eating well ensures that the baby grows and develops while the mom stays healthy. EatRight Ontario dietitians often get questions from expectant mothers about what nutrients they need and what foods are safe.

Nutrients to consider:

  1. A few months before getting pregnant, start taking a daily prenatal supplement with folic acid, iron, and vitamin B12.
  2. Get omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish twice a week.
  3. Keep your bones and teeth strong with calcium-rich foods, like milk, soy beverages, cheese, and yogurt.

Food safety tips:

  • Artificial sweeteners, soy (edamame, tofu), and coffee (about two cups per day) are all safe.
  • Pregnant women have a higher risk for food poisoning, which can be dangerous for the baby. Avoid raw or unpasteurized foods (juices, cider, milk, cheese, sprouts, and seafood, like sushi).