Many women approaching their 50th birthdays wonder, as I did, about what life would be like. I, for one, wanted to see it as doors opening, not closing. It turns out that I’m not alone! I meet new women every day who want to look, feel, and be fabulous after 50.

What then is standing in our way? The challenge starts with the myths that often surround menopausal women. Let’s blast those with some truths.

Common myths:
MYTH: Once you’re over 50, it’s too late to start something new.

FACT: According to a recent Gallup study, people over 50 comprise the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, and women are leading this trend.

MYTH: Brain power starts to erode as people age.

FACT: Frank Moffatt, author of Your Second 50, speaks about how our brains can not only re-train but also grow neurons — at any age.

MYTH: Women over 50 lose their desire for sex.

FACT: With STDs increasing among boomers and seniors because of unprotected sex, it stands to reason that the desire for sex has not diminished. Partly because the fear of pregnancy is gone, women report more satisfying sex lives than ever before. 

MYTH: The older you get, the harder it is to learn anything new.

FACT: Boomer women are entering colleges and universities in record numbers — to learn to become entrepreneurs, to upgrade skills, or simply to learn new things.

MYTH: Memory loss is inevitable as we get older.

FACT: Research has shown that memory loss has more to do with vitamin and mineral deficiencies than aging. 

MYTH: As we age, we become more rigid in our thinking and acting.

FACT: According to the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, women over 50 become more adaptable because of increased levels of mental, emotional, and physical maturity. 

MYTH: Dementia is a normal part of aging.

FACT: At, they state categorically, “Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are not a part of normal aging.” While everyone has some memory loss around 65 or so, it is not dementia.

MYTH: I’m past 50 – my life is over.

FACT: Ask Betty White at 93 or Jane Fonda at 77 if their lives are over. Most women over 50 feel that their lives are just beginning — again!

MYTH: Once you’re over 50, there’s nothing to look forward to.

FACT: With empty nests and control of a significant amount of wealth, Boomer women are travelling the world, learning second languages, and working for worthy causes. That’s only the tip of what there is to look forward to! 

MYTH: Over 50, a woman’s health is on the decline.

FACT: The Journal of the American Geriatric Society states that it is inactivity not aging that causes health concerns and mobility issues. In their desire to slow aging, boomer women are flocking to the gym in record numbers.

Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous@50 and the creative  editor of Be Fabulous! Magazine. In 2008 Dianna recognized that baby boomer women were missing something: the opportunity to connect, have fun, learn and be inspired, so she took the bull by the horns and created a community dedicated to supporting women who are in the transition of mid-age. Dianna was the winner of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Turning Point Category and was awarded the 2014 Stevia Awards for “Best Event” and “Women Helping Women”. Her motto is "If not now, when?"
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