Manu, 10 years old, is always reluctant to make plans for her summer vacation.

Blonde, slender and small-boned with sparkling eyes that seem to be teasing with life, Manu was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a frequently unknown type of diabetes that affects 10 out of 100 cases, and is often associated, wrongly as it turns out, with poor eating habits. She is worried when away from her parents and is scared that she will experience hypoglycemia which may be managed improperly. Like all other kids she would like to go to summer camp to have fun and create new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Manu was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which affects 10 out of 100 cases and is often wrongly associated with poor eating habits.

During a get-together organized by FRED, the Diabetic Children’s Resource Foundation, she was able to discuss her fears with Camp Carowanis’ Director, a DT1 herself and experienced camper. Manu heard about the magic of this camp, which is soley dedicated to young diabetics, where she will be able to, when she attends, to play safely, improve her self-esteem and become more autonomous with regards to her diabetes.

Manu, like so many young diabetic children, is at the core of FRED’s commitment. The Diabetic Children’s Resource Foundation implements support measures so kids never stop dreaming. FRED is the only foundation that takes care of type 1 diabetic children, teens and their families in the province of Quebec. The foundation brings support, provides access to various resources and ensures a unique experience at Camp Carowanis, the only camp dedicated to diabetic children all summer.

Visit FRED online or reach them at 514.731.9683