The right sunscreen does double duty to improve both the look and health of skin.

As Dr. Anatoli Freiman, a dermatologist and medical director, Toronto Dermatology Centre, points out, new formulations feel good on the skin. “Today’s sunscreens are quite elegant,” he says. “They’re non-greasy and well absorbed.”

That makes wearing urban sunscreen — one created to defend skin against aggressors of city life — easy. Here are must-apply considerations:

“Ultraviolet light is the main cause and is the most preventable,” says Dr. Freiman. Choose a full spectrum formula with a minimum SPF of 30 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply after perspiring or swimming.

 Wrinkles will happen at some point in life, but why speed up the process? “Sunscreen is a very effective anti-aging product,” he explains. “Over the years, regular application makes a big difference for skin.”

Sun damage shows up as dark pigmentation that makes skin look older before its time. Keep it looking smooth with sunscreens formulated with ingredients like glycolic acid to lessen the appearance of brown spots and fine wrinkles.