1. Use a cleansing brush when washing your face — day and night. Cleansing brushes remove dirt and debris from fine lines that often makes them look deeper than they are, exfoliate dead cells quicker, which helps stimulate collagen production and gradually helps you get tighter skin. Plus, the deep clean allows your anti-aging products to penetrate deeper in to the skin so they work better.
  2. Wash your face for at least two minutes. Just like brushing your teeth, to get real results with your skin, you need to put in the time.
  3. Use a toner to remove any remaining debris. This feels like another step, but it only takes a few seconds a day.
  4. Now that your skin is clean, apply a serum, which is a lighter, more quickly absorbed formulation than a moisturizer. This means the key wrinkle-preventing agents work more quickly to absorb into the skin.
  5. Next, you need a moisturizer. Choose one that’s best for your skin type or main concern, and then apply liberally. Most moisturizers contain ingredients that prevent moisture from escaping the skin and protect your skin from exterior damage, which is why they work well on top of serums to get better results.
  6. Protecting your skin from the sun is so important all year round, no matter the weather, especially since the most harmful rays aren’t even the ones you get on a hot sunny day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., they’re the ones you get the rest of the day, even when it’s cloudy. Applying SPF as the last part of your routine is the way to ensure its efficacy — so if you’re applying foundation, concealer, powder, blush or highlighter, wait, and then apply your SPF overtop.
  7. Drink water — lots of it. As we age, our skin loses moisture, which makes skin lax, and fine lines and wrinkles more prevalent. Hydration from the inside out helps keep skin plumped up — and that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reducing caffeine, or swapping at least one caffeinated beverage a day for a bottle of water, also helps.
  8. Try oils – they supplement the skin’s natural oily layer and increase moisture retention. A cleansing oil helps put lost oils back into your skin instead of stripping it. Or, try an overnight oil to hydrate skin while you sleep.