When tooth loss occurs — either through trauma or disease — many people feel overwhelmed. There will be many unfamiliar treatment and recovery considerations to take into account. One often overlooked factor is how emotionally difficult the process can be. The loss of natural teeth can have a major impact on a person’s emotional wellbeing and overall health. Activities that once came naturally such as chewing, talking, and choosing what to eat become uncomfortable, embarrassing, and painful.

Advice, support, and compassion

Denturists specialize in the design and fabrication of complete and removable partial dentures, as well as overdentures on dental implants (in some provinces). Denturists work directly with you during this process and offer advice, support, and compassion during what some find a difficult time.

“If someone feels afraid or unsure of how to deal with the process, that’s where the benefit of visiting a denturist comes in,” says a panel of denturists representing The Denturist Association of Canada. “Your denturist will provide you with the information you require to determine what is right for you. They will focus on comfort, fit, and appearance — working with you every step of the way to recreate your natural smile.

”One of the great benefits of working with a denturist is the ability to create a one-on-one relationship. The same denturist that assesses you and advises you of treatment options will offer ongoing care for you and your dentures.

“Denturists have laboratories right in their offices,” says the panel. “Most of the laboratory work is performed on the premises by the denturist who saw you to ensure that quality of care is consistent and personal.”

Creating a new smile for you

Denturists are health care professionals who are self-regulated and governed by the same type of legislation as dentists and dental hygienists; meaning, you do not need a referral from another health care professional to consult a denturist.

“Replacing your natural teeth with dentures is more than trusting someone with your smile,” says the panel, “because denturists are qualified practitioners who provide quality, custom dentures. They are committed to creating dentures that fit well, look attractive, and allow you to maintain your overall oral health.”

“Your denturist’s experience and professionalism help you to achieve the maximum benefit from the most advanced denture technology — it takes 17 muscles to smile but only one denturist!”

The panel included denturists that were representing The Denturist Association of Canada.