Our skin is the largest organ in our body and certainly the most visible. If we want to look and feel our best, it’s essential that we take great care of our skin. But too many beauty and skincare products contain harsh chemicals that many supporters of a natural lifestyle would balk at putting on their skin.

“People today, more and more, are becoming concerned about what they’re eating, what they’re putting on their bodies, and what they’re using,” says Alyssa Rolnick, Co-founder of Zax Healthcare. “They are looking for products that use more natural ingredients for overall health.”

The company has rolled out an extensive line of skincare products to treat a wide variety of problems with this approach in mind. Their products are developed under the guidance of a pharmacist and use a unique and proprietary blend of natural ingredients. “These are natural remedies that help treat common conditions and ailments that sometimes people may feel there are no options for facial redness, under eye dark circles, scarring, bruising, or dark spots,” says Rolnick.

Natural doesn’t mean unscientific

And while there are products on the market that go through a less than rigorous approval process, it’s worth remembering that so much of our proven medicine came from natural sources. Penicillin, for example, is a natural extract from mould. Zax Healthcare differentiates themselves in the field by ensuring that the science behind all of the natural ingredients they use is rock solid.

“There’s a lot of scientific evidence showing that natural ingredients, running the whole range from herbs to botanicals to vitamins and minerals, can be helpful for different conditions,” says Rolnick. “For example, citrus and licorice extracts have been shown to be effective for age spots. There’s also a lot of science behind arnica’s ability to heal bruises and treat pain and inflammation.”

The company doesn’t only target those dedicated to using natural products exclusively. They’re confident enough in their products to believe that even the skeptics will eventually come around. “Customers tend to try our creams from one of three paths,” Rolnick says. “Sometimes they are specifically looking for solutions made with natural ingredients. Other times they have tried more mainstream products and, when they don’t work, they find us. Lastly, because of the specialized conditions we treat, customers find us when they are looking for a remedy to a specific issue and we have a cream for that.”

Find out more about this unique line of products at natural health stores, leading pharmacies, and online at Amazon and zaxhealth.com.