For many Canadians, vision care is at the end of their to-do list, tossed aside as a secondary priority. That can mean wearing glasses with an outdated prescription or, for those who wear contact lenses, putting up with a contact lens that you can’t wait to take out as soon as you get home.

May is Vision Health Month in Canada and the perfect time to speak with an eye care professional about your eye care needs and discuss what vision correction option best suits your eyes and lifestyle. While online ads for eyeglass frames and contact lenses might be enticing, it is important to make sure your eyes are healthy and that you are getting the proper vision correction, as finding the right lens can lead to an improvement in your overall quality of life.

Comfort is key

Amber Mac is a Toronto-based author, entrepreneur, and television personality specializing in the fast-paced world of technology and digital innovation. Her days are long, so she has no time to worry about her vision.

“As an entrepreneur, I have pretty intense days,” she notes. “It’s not your typical nine-to-five. Sometimes my workday is up to sixteen hours, and I have these marathon days that go from the wee hours of the morning until late in the evening. My days might consist of flying to a new city, speaking at a conference, and doing television interviews,” Mac explains. All of these things require that I have clear and comfortable vision.”

After over twenty years of recurring eye problems, Mac switched to Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses and finally found a lens that left her eyes feeling comfortable at the end of the day. These lenses are designed to provide the maximum amount of moisture where the eye needs it. In a patient trial, participants found that DAILIES TOTAL1® lenses extended their daily comfortable wear time by more than three hours compared with their previous lens. “I used to feel that my contact lenses felt very dry, especially after flying,” says Mac. “With DAILIES TOTAL1®, I can finally pull those extra-long workdays from morning til night without my comfort or vision suffering. These lenses have been a huge benefit to my life as a busy entrepreneur.”

For Mac’s on-the-go lifestyle, the convenience of ALCON® DAILIES® contact lenses provide the freedom of never having to worry about contact lens cleaning or storage or having to bring solution and eye drops with her wherever she goes.

Find a custom solution

“Until you try DAILIES TOTAL1®, you don’t really understand the amount of moisture in contacts,” Mac notes. “I don’t even think about my eyes anymore because they are so comfortable — it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all.”

Everyone who wears corrective lenses or has vision issues can benefit from talking to their Optometrist about finding the contact lenses that fit their lifestyle. “Everyone’s eyes are different,” says Dr. Shalu Pal, a Toronto-based Optometrist. “Our eyes have different needs depending on our age, our lifestyle, and a number of other factors. There is no one-size-fits-all contact lens, but there are solutions available for almost everyone,” she explains. “A conversation with your eye care professional is the best way to find the contact lens that best suits your individual needs.”