Oftentimes we need a vacation after our vacation. All those travel miles, rich meals, and time zones can leave us drained instead of restored, but imagine taking a trip that leaves you feeling upbeat, trim, and glowing.

That’s the idea behind the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa in Vernon, BC. Surrounded by lakes and grassland in the heart of the North Okanagan region, the wellness spa offers 40,000 sq. ft that combine clinical services and professional health support for elderly Canadians looking to overcome an ailment, injury, or a life-changing condition.

Evidence has consistently shown that physical activity, healthy eating, social connection, and community is critical to healthy aging, so the resort builds a suite of programs that ensure guests bring meaningful lessons home to be implemented into their own lives.

Live your best life

Staff are trained to educate guests on relaxation and wellness, striving to see a shift in their perspective during their stay and after checkout. Overnight guests can access the facilities, creating an atmosphere of wellness with a focus on the body-mind connection. For some guests, that might mean accessing mental health clinicians, while others might prioritize hiking in nature and enjoying farm-table dining. Everyone is unique, and it is this philosophy that is clearly reflected in the programs offered at the resort.

Stay Young & Healthy, a popular Wellness program, is an immersive eight-day, seven night experience that integrates multiple components of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition coaching, consultation with a health professional, a group session with Dr. Pieter Strauss, 10 spa treatments, physical activity, rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Unlike other spas, Sparkling Hill offers individual accommodations, pre- and post-program health assessments, nutritious meals for weight loss and other metabolic concerns, physician-led workshops, culinary education, and four-season outdoor activities in the fresh Okanagan air.

-110°C Cryo Cold Chamber treatments offer relief from arthritis and joint aches and pains while seven different steam saunas with hot and cold rest cycles help guests to disconnect and decompress. The cycle promotes preventative methods in healthy aging.

Hit “restart”

Guests who have reported on the programs have had a profound impact on their wellness journey, replacing bad habits with new routines they are excited to continue after returning home.

Stay Young & Healthy is suitable for seniors who want to feel in control of their body and choices as well as those who want a jumpstart into healthy aging. Adults and seniors experiencing burn out from putting the needs of others and/or the demands of work above their own health will also find the programs especially rejuvenating.

In short, most of us could benefit from turning inward and reaching out for a full body wellness retreat with a proactive approach to travel. For more information on the resort’s unique offerings, sign up for Sparkling Hill’s newsletter.