Turmeric is the root of a flowering plant that grows in the rainy tropical areas of India and Southeast Asia. With its bright yellow-orange colour and warm bitter taste, it’s one of the main spices used to make curries.

But aside from being a flavourful seasoning, turmeric has been the subject of nearly 5,000 scientific studies outlining its many health benefits. It’s been shown to help reduce inflammation and provide relief from joint pain, protect the liver, aid digestion, and provide antioxidants for the overall maintenance of good health. Given these benefits, many health practitioners are now recommending turmeric supplements as a way to improve overall health.

But its important to know that not all turmeric supplements on the market are created equal. Many supplements on the market contain only one active ingredient from the plant, known as curcumin. While curcumin is very important, it’s not the only compound in turmeric with health-enhancing properties — the turmeric root contains thousands of beneficial compounds that work together to manage inflammation and boost wellness.

Choose a quality supplement

Before buying a turmeric supplement, do your research. Look for one that uses high-quality plants and safe extraction methods. Other factors to consider are where the turmeric is sourced and whether it has been produced with genetically-modified ingredients. Turmeric Force, from New Chapter, is a great option, delivering the equivalent of 6,200 mg of high quality, non-GMO, whole turmeric, providing the full spectrum of the plant’s beneficial compounds in just one capsule per day.