Mediaplanet: Why do you think digital health care is important?

Robert Kaul: The old model of primary care delivery involved a physical trip to a doctor’s office, clinic, or emergency room, long waits, short consultations, and little to no follow-up. The result is often multiple ER visits, frustration, high costs and poor patient outcomes. Digital health care solutions attack all the pain points in this model of care, with the quadruple aim of improving the patient experience, reducing hospitalizations, improving outcomes, and lowering costs. As the baby-boomers age, fixing the system’s current problems becomes a matter of urgency. It’s critical that our society find ways to deliver much better care, faster and with less cost than ever before — digital tools are a big part of that solution.

MP: How do digital health care and Cloud DX benefit patients?

RK: Digital health care tools like telemedicine and remote patient monitoring allow patients to receive care wherever they are. When a patient is using the Cloud DX Connected Health System to monitor their vital signs, family members can also be included in the circle of care, offering tremendous peace of mind, especially if an elderly loved one lives far away.

MP: Why do you think patient empowerment is important to health literacy and patient wellness outcomes?

RK: In order to take care of ourselves, we need good tools that provide good information. Digital health care products provide many of those tools. Our devices are easy to use, even for older consumers or those not technically inclined. Our platform delivers guidance, surveys, content videos, and reminders that all increase patient awareness and education about their health.

MP: Why do you think digital health care is an important component to health literacy?

RK: For nearly 20 years, consumers have turned to Google for health care advice, with mixed results. Modern digital health care tools go far beyond simple search results. By gathering personalized vital sign data, over longer periods of time, and applying advanced algorithms to look for patterns, systems like Cloud DX Connected Health can offer much deeper insights and evidence-based recommendations to clinicians and patients. This form of health literacy is much more valuable and can lead to better outcomes in less time.