After asking her some questions, mostly about her health and sleep habits, he helped her choose bedding and other items. She called the next day. “She said, ‘I haven’t slept like that in ten years. You saved my life!’” Leibner was thrilled, but not surprised. Having been in the business for decades, he knows nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

Scientists have determined sleep plays a vital role in every person’s mental and physical health. Unfortunately, most people don’t give it as much consideration as they should; those who do, feel when it comes to buying pillows, mattresses, and bedding, it’s better to shop at a specialty retailer — where trained experts help customers choose items that best meet their needs.

When the National Sleep Foundation asked people what was important to getting good night sleep, 86 percent of respondents listed their bed sheets. In fact, research indicates fresh sheets make people more enthusiastic about going to bed and help them get a better night’s sleep. Without a doubt, it’s important to find the right bed sheets. There are many factors to consider.

Thread count, which indicates the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, is a big consideration. Sheets that fall between 280 and 400 are smooth and soft as well as absorbent and breathable. They are more durable and shrink less than sheets with lower thread counts.

“Thread count alone is not enough to determine the best sheet for a particular customer,” says Leibner who, along with his brother Sheldon, owns

Linen Chest, a chain of more than 25 stores. He advises customers to ask a lot of questions about material and weave to ensure they find the perfect sheet.

“You spend a third of your life sleeping, so sleep hygiene is not something you can afford to ignore.”

The weave of a fabric determines the way it looks and feels as well as its durability. Percale, one of the most common weaves, is luxurious and has a thread count no lower than 200. For the more adventurous, there is sateen, which has a lustrous sheen, as well as jersey and flannel.

When it comes to choosing bed sheets, customers are presented with a dizzying array of choices and often don’t know where to begin. “That is where the trained specialist makes a difference,” says Sheldon Leibner. “He or she will help you pick the right product — and that isn’t necessarily the most expensive one.”

That being said, it’s not hard to justify spending a few dollars more on quality bedding. “Put it this way,” says Stan Leibner. “You spend a third of your life sleeping, so sleep hygiene is not something you can afford to ignore.”