What are some of your favourite sounds? The giggle of a baby? Falling rain? Live music? Sounds that engage us in our world are endless and unique from one person to another. Imagine you could not clearly hear the sounds you love and instead, they are distorted and fuzzy. This is the reality for three million Canadians who suffer from hearing loss. It is one of the most prevalent disabilities and yet, less than 30 percent of people visit an audiologist regularly.

Untreated hearing loss is associated with stress, depression, social isolation, and poor balance. For adults, decreased cognitive function and increased incidental falls are a concern. In children, hearing loss affects language and literacy development, and may contribute to low self-esteem. Left untreated, hearing loss has a negative impact on quality of life.

Include a visit to your audiologist as part of your health care routine. Knowing you have healthy hearing means you can preserve it. Learning you have hearing loss and finding a solution means you’re more likely to receive support to help you continue to connect with your favourite sounds.

Audiologists are trained to customize every step of the journey for their patients, helping them hear and function better in their world. Find an audiologist today and tune in to your world of sound.