World Sight Day on October 11 is a good reminder for all Canadian women to be proactive about their eye health and make clear vision a priority, especially those juggling busy active lifestyles, who may have put their eye care aside.

Amber Mac is a Toronto-based digital expert, television personality, and mother. As an entrepreneur, she finds that her days start early and end late. Balancing work, family, and fitness is often a struggle. “Pretty much every day is packed around the clock,” Mac notes. “I try to get in a workout at least four days a week, and after my son gets home from school, I try to squeeze in email time while also maintaining some sense of home life. I’m in a really busy phase in my career, but it’s also a really busy time to be a mom.” Struggling with vision discomfort can be an aggravating distraction, and with her long days, having clear, comfortable vision is a top priority.
Eye care solutions are not “one-size-fits all”

For years, Mac struggled to find a contact lens that could keep up to her very busy schedule, both on- and off- camera. She searched for the perfect contact lenses for over 20 years and finally found the solution in Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses. Designed to provide maximum moisture right where the eyes need it, these lenses can extend the daily comfortable wear time by more than three hours,* a necessity for Mac when working over 12-hour days, taking frequent flights, and trying to keep up with her son. “Situations like being on an airplane or in front of a computer can make my eyes feel dry. If I’m struggling with discomfort and lens dryness, it creates a major inconvenience in my day. With Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® lenses, my eyes are so comfortable that it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. When you get the right vision product, you’re better able to manage your days,” says Mac.

For women who are actively balancing a family and busy career, it can be far too easy to let their own health and well-being take a distant third place. Mac believes excelling in other areas of her life starts with making her own health and fitness a priority. Her choice of contact lenses not only directly affects her vision health but also enables her to exercise without worrying about dry contacts, blurry vision, or struggling with burdensome glasses. Mac’s workout of choice is circuit training — a type of high-intensity resistance training with extremely short breaks between different exercises — and when she’s in the midst her workout, the last thing she wants is to have her rhythm interrupted by vision problems or eye discomfort. “ALCON® DAILIES® lenses have been a saving grace for me,” she says. “Whether I’m at the gym or playing with my son, I take comfort in knowing my vision will be clear and eye discomfort won’t be an issue. We take our vision for granted, but when something goes wrong it can throw off a whole day.”

Talk to your eye care professional

While Mac has found her ideal contact lenses, many other Canadian women are still living with the constant irritation that ill-suited lenses can cause. “It’s important to find the right contact lenses that fit your lifestyle,” says Dr. Shalu Pal, a Toronto-based eye care professional. “People’s lives are busier than they’ve ever been, with the need to multitask, travel, and manage different responsibilities, all leading to very unpredictable schedules. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, a conversation with your eye care professional can help pinpoint the best contact lens options for your individual needs.”

World Sight Day provides the perfect opportunity to speak with your eye care professional about the right contact lenses for you. Maintaining eye health makes a world of difference and can make it easier for women to conquer it all.

Amber Mac is a paid partner of Alcon.

*Based on a clinical study on contact lens wearers who experienced discomfort with their previous lens.