The person with a hearing problem is often the last to notice it, because hearing loss tends to come on gradually and subtly. So it is not only denial but an unawareness of how much they are missing, and of the fact that untreated hearing loss can be harmful to health.

The ear plays a role in balance, so even mild hearing loss can triple the risk of falls. Hearing loss is also a risk factor in dementia: the greater the loss, the higher the risk.

But it is the social isolation which is the most distressing factor - at any age. Getting a hearing device can help to combat that isolation, and get you back into the social swing of things.  


Have your hearing checked yearly by an audiologist, and start early on, so you have a head start on learning to live fully with a hearing loss.  For those who get a hearing device and use it successfully, the benefits are notable.

By participating in an interactive group program, you one can talk to other hearing device wearers and get experienced feedback on what to know before you buy a hearing device, and persevering in use of the aid when you get one.   Hearing better can be like getting a new life!

Marilyn O. Dahl, President, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, BC Chapter