In Canada over 4,000 people are on the waiting list for a life saving organ. Canadians, who are normally very generous and mindful citizens as a whole, seem to bypass pledging their support. In the developed world, Canada trails sadly behind in the number of donors per capita.

In a majority of cases it is because they “never seem to get around to pledging” — quite understandable in our fast paced society.  In other cases there are myths and misunderstandings that can cause a hesitation with their decision.

"Organ donation can now help with burn, bone disease, heart, tendon, ligament, vein, and other tissue procedures,"

Another barrier has been the next of kin not knowing the donor’s wishes. Therefore pledging your support is not enough; you need to tell your family and friends, so that at the time of donation, everyone can support your decision. Starting this dialogue may inspire them to become donors as well.

Education and awareness

The key to saving and enhancing many more lives in Canada is awareness and education. The Canadian Transplant Society is working on a Kiosk program, to provide a one on one approach to answering the barriers people have concerning organ donation.
In the meantime, Canadians can look to the internet for further information. Our website points to the provincial registration sites and one can even have their personal questions asked and answered via a return email or a personal phone call.

Enhancements complement organ transplants and new techniques pave the way

Organ donation can now help with burn, bone disease, heart, tendon, ligament, vein, and other tissue procedures, all of these patients benefit from one donor pledge.
A person just never knows when a loved one presents a condition that will require them to be a recipient of an organ donation. You will be so appreciative that there was a person out there that had the kindness and understanding to pledge that gift of life and become that donor. I know am. I watched my wife, Lise, in the intensive care unit of the hospital on full life support in a coma waiting for a liver. I wondered why, when there were people who had no more need for their organs, a liver was not available. Two nights before certain death, a donor’s liver became available and her life was saved because of it. We were lucky, but many are not as fortunate.

We are slowly bridging the gap; the sooner we are able to eliminate the wait list in Canada, the sooner we can eliminate needless deaths and marvel more often at the gift of life. Please pledge your support.