We all have nights when we’re ready to sleep but can’t seem to turn off our racing thoughts. The light switches off but our minds stay on.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive day because that’s when the nerve cells in our brains regenerate. Lack of sleep can lead to low levels of energy and concentration, which can affect daily life. Many women suffer from sleep deprivation caused by mental stress related to busy schedules. As frustrating as those sleepless nights can be, there are natural solutions that can help.

Better, stress-free sleep

Passionflower is an herb that’s been used for centuries to promote better sleep health. It helps to declutter the mind, promotes relaxation, and helps improve the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Made from a concentrated dose of passionflower extract, Pascoflair® is an herbal sleep remedy from Pascoe Canada, a subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical company founded in 1895. Each tablet contains 425 mg of passionflower — the highest dose available on the market — and works within just 30 minutes.

“[Pascoflair] is extremely safe because it’s herbal,” says Dr. Nadine Cyr, a naturopathic doctor and medical advisor for Pascoe Canada. “It has no known drug interactions, so you can take it alongside your regular medications.” Pascoflair is non-sedative and has no addiction potential.

Passionflower can also aid with mental stress. “If you’re a nervous flyer, or have an important presentation, it can help calm your thoughts,” says Dr. Cyr.