MEDIAPLANET: Everyone wants great skin and a youthful, healthy glow. What are the most common concerns you see from patients today?

Dr. Channy Muhn: Patients today want to look as good as they feel. They take care of themselves, they exercise, they eat well, but they don’t feel the outside matches the inside. They want to look less tired, less angry, less saggy, more radiant and most importantly, they want to look natural.

MEDIAPLANET: How do you determine what’s best for each patient?

Dr. Nathan Rosen: The key to a successful outcome starts with the patient assessment. As dermatologists we have a unique understanding of skin, facial anatomy, and the aging process.  Combining this expertise with experience and an artistic eye allows us to precisely tailor treatments to each patient for lasting, natural results.

MP: What would you consider the ideal anti-aging treatment plan?  

CM: Ensure your dermatologist focuses on what’s most important to you. But an ideal plan would combine injectables to treat fine lines and volume loss with lasers to correct imperfections and improve skin quality, along with a carefully selected skincare program for maintenance. Each is great on its own, but combined the results are outstanding.

MP: Speaking of skincare — how important is it to overall results?

NR: Skincare is more important than people realize. Patients may be doing regular treatments with injectables and lasers, but how they take care of their skin in between can have a big impact on how long results last. Routines don’t need to be complicated. Daily use of medical-grade antioxidants and sunscreen are a must for all skin types, and we can also suggest excellent products that support corrective treatments.

MP: Are you seeing any new trends?

CM: We’re seeing a trend towards smaller, more regular treatments that allow for gradual, incremental changes. This lets tissues respond naturally and gives the patient more control over the process.  Less can sometimes be more.

NR: Younger patients are also wanting to take better care of their skin and looking for ways to prevent the damage that leads to premature aging, which is great. It’s always easier to prevent than to correct.

MP: What advice can you share with women and men considering cosmetic treatments?

NR: Do your research. Be sure you know who is doing your treatment, what their qualifications are, and how much experience they have. In experienced hands, today’s treatments are extremely safe and effective, but it takes years of specialized training to achieve natural-looking results and avoid complications.