Mediaplant: Some women are afraid to work out while pregnant. What advice can you give these women?

Tammy Hembrow: If you have any concerns, like any exercise routine, my first advice is to speak with your doctor. As long as they have given you the all clear, I believe it is the healthiest option to stay active while pregnant. Personally, I paid extra attention to staying hydrated and really listened to my body by taking breaks when I felt I needed to. While pregnant and in preparation for giving birth, your joints are loosened by the hormone relaxin, so I would also advise to not put too much additional stress on your joints and focus on engaging your core. Still challenge yourself, but don’t push yourself too hard — your body is already doing something incredible.

MP: How did your diet change when you were pregnant but still lifting?

TH: My diet didn’t really change while I was pregnant — I just ate more! It was very similar to what I eat now, which is a high-protein diet with complex carbs, lots of dark leafy greens, and a few cheat days. However, the main difference is that I didn’t restrict my calories while pregnant.

MP: How do you balance fitness and motherhood? What advice can you give new mothers in this regard?

TH: I’m lucky I have a great family support system, because I’m such a hands-on Mom. Reece and I work as a team parenting and supporting one another’s goals — I’m really grateful for that. Having said that, with a new baby or babies, it does take some time to figure out your routine. There is no set formula to balancing: you need to find out what works for you, your family’s schedule, and your lifestyle. For the days I can’t get to the gym, I still like to get my workout in when the babies nap. Now I have a pretty good balance. Reece and I alternate watching the kids when the other wants to work out at the gym, and we work this around our work schedules as well.