Get an eye exam: Adults age 19–64 should have an eye exam at least every two years (or every year if you have diabetes or a condition that your doctor says needs more frequent eye examinations).



Give your eyes a break from your screen: Computer Vision Syndrome can cause blurred vision and headaches. Every 20 minutes, take a break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away.



Quit smoking: People who smoke are 3–4 times as likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of vision loss in Canada.



Work out and eat well: Excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle, and high blood pressure are all risk factors for some of the most common eye diseases.



Wear sunglasses year-round: Exposure to harmful UV rays is associated with a higher risk of developing AMD, cataracts, eyelid skin cancer, and tissue growths on the surface of the eye.



Protect your eyes from injuries at home: Eye hazards are everywhere —take precautions like pointing chemical spray nozzles away from the body, using grease shields on frying pans, picking up rocks and sticks before mowing the lawn, and wearing protective glasses while working in the garden.