We sat down with American entrepreneur, fitness star and DJ, Hannah Bronfman to hear how she balances work, life, and play.

Mediaplanet: You are one busy woman! How do you manage to stay fit with such an intense schedule?

Hannah Bronfman: Working out helps me de-stress and stay focused.  It’s the one thing I do for myself to help beat brain fog, sweat out toxins, and connect with my body. Consistency is hard but I find the time to exercise regularly because I make it a priority. Whether it’s an hour or 20 minutes, something is better than nothing.

MP: Where does your confidence come from?

HB: My confidence is part of my DNA.  As a kid, I wanted to be in the spotlight.  When I was growing up in the ballet world, I strived for the solo parts and in order to get those parts, my confidence had to shine even more than my technique! My mother always told me that if I messed up on stage, no one would notice as long as I kept going with grace and confidence — that would the thing that people remembered. And it’s true!

MP: What inspired you to come up with your brand HBFIT?

HB: When I was in college, my friends who weren’t from New York would always ask me for recommendations for health and beauty products in the city. I’ve always been obsessed with wellness so when Instagram came out, I started using it to showcase my lifestyle, beauty secrets, and more. I would hashtag each post with #HBFIT so when my friends started talking to me about everything I was posting, I knew that it was catching on.  My following started to grow and I decided to create a website dedicated to all things health, beauty, and fitness.

MP: What are your tips for maintaining a healthy diet while on the go?

HB: Dedication is the key to living healthy on the go.  I seek out things that will make it easier for me to maintain good habits like individually packed matcha which is my favourite. But I’m not strict when it comes to dieting — especially while travelling — because I love food and culture and want to experience everything like a local. For instance, I try to avoid grains at home but wouldn’t think of leaving Spain without having paella. If I know I’m travelling somewhere where I cannot cook for myself, I’ll be a little more thoughtful about eating clean before I leave because one thing I never want to feel after eating, is guilty. 

MP: What advice would you give to women who are trying to strike a balance between staying active and having a healthy work and social life?

HB: Accept that you cannot do everything at once — once you do that it will become easier to manage your time and expectations.  I run a business, have a social life, and make time for myself. But I can do that because I listen to my body and have learned how to say no in a kind way.  I am conscious of what I need to do to be the happiest version of myself and that allows me to find the balance of it all.