At Toronto Prep School (TPS), the curriculum includes measures to promote student well-being, like flexible tutoring and a 10 a.m. start time.

A lot of schools talk about putting students first, but are too large to give students individual mentoring and support. That’s why TPS, with its small class sizes, variety of extracurricular activities, and excellent post-secondary placement rates, has become a top option for discerning students.

TPS focuses on the individual: there are no uniforms, classes are small, and students benefit from one-on-one attention from their teachers. The largest class size is 16 and the student-teacher ratio ranges from 8 to 14 students per teacher — meaning nobody gets lost in the crowd.

Parents know that superior schools prepare children for all of life’s tests — not just today’s. That’s why TPS students take a full load of university preparatory courses covering the liberal arts and sciences. This preparation provides students with the broad educational background and variety of problem-solving skills they’ll need for their future studies. Students also benefit from a semestered curriculum, taking only four courses at a time. They balance their studies with extracurricular activities including competitive sports and fine arts.

Another TPS signature is their later start time: 10 a.m. Research shows later starts have positive effects on academic performance and students gain health benefits from extra sleep. Days at TPS are also structured so students can get extra help from their teachers at whatever time is best for them: in the morning before class starts, after school, or even on Saturdays. TPS alumni have gone on to top universities across Canada and the world, including Ivy League schools.

Enrolled students enjoy value-added perks, including a MacBook Pro that is theirs to keep and a yearly GoodLife Fitness membership.

Learn more about what TPS can offer your child by visiting or calling 416.545.1020 to book a personalized tour.