Mediaplanet: You’ve become one of the most radiant and successful Canadian celebrities and a role model for young girls — did you set out to accomplish this goal?

Shay Mitchell: I didn’t set out to specifically be a role model but having a platform to share what I am passionate about was definitely something I have thought about when PPL started to gain success. I always knew I wanted young men and women to know how beautiful and unique they were, and to celebrate that uniqueness. Someone once told me no one else can really love you until you love yourself — that always stuck with me.

MP: Where does your confidence come from?

SM: My confidence comes from years of working to better myself in every capacity. Inspiring quotes are all over my mirror and vision board. Healthy food is in my fridge. And years of learning (sometimes, the hard way) that there is no one else on this planet like me — so I need to just own it. I’m my most confident when I am eating healthy, feeling good, and my skin is clear… I mean come on, who isn’t confident when they have nice, clean skin!

MP: After nearly seven years on PPL you continue to look flawless, how do you preserve your youthful look?

SM: Ha! First off thank you for quoting Beyonce in an interview question, that always gets extra points 😉. Skincare is something that is really important to me and something my mother taught me from an early age. My biggest tip would be TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE YOU SLEEP! No matter how tired I am, even if we wrap at 5 AM after shooting all night, I never crawl into bed without washing my face and taking my makeup off! I use Biore’s Baking Soda Pore Cleanser in the morning AND night to wash my skin and remove any leftover makeup.

MP: Does your skincare regime change in the winter?

SM: My skin definitely gets dry in the winter from being inside in the heat. So I tend to reapply moisturizer throughout the day. Also, my lips get so chapped in the winter from the cool wind so I amp up my lip balm game!

MP: You have the most luscious locks. How do you keep both your length and body?

SM: Hair masks are key! I have product and hot tools on my hair almost every day of the week because we film PPL five days a week. So to keep my hair from getting completely fried, I will do a hair mask or even just lather it up with coconut oil once a week.

MP: How do you keep your skin healthy while on the road?

SM: The Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask are my JAM on the road! They are perfect, already measured out (so you don’t use too much), and they heat up while they are on your face — which I LOVE! And pore strips! Two things that are perfect for keeping your skin looking good and fresh while you are traveling.