The digital revolution is bringing innovation to the health care system and a seamless experience for patients and health care provider workflows across Canada.

“I feel like this is only the beginning,” says Dr. Ryan Doherty, President and Founder of “Better coordination of care, patient experience, and operational efficiencies are being realized daily, and this will only scale and accelerate as real-time information is liberated through open data mandates, digital health platforms, and application programming interface (API) partnerships.”

Launched in 2012, is a digital health platform that aims to improve health care access with an initial focus on primary care, acute care, and urgent care. Through its website, mobile apps, and partner apps, patients can easily find nearby health care options Canada-wide, from family doctors accepting new patients to urgent care available after-hours and during holidays to pharmacy services available in specific languages. The platform even offers walk-in clinic wait-times calculated in real-time from electronic medical record (EMR) schedulers.

Seamlessly integrating user experiences

It’s a smooth experience for patients and providers. Integrated with clinical systems, the platform automates processes for primary care rostering, online appointment booking, patient queuing, and sending appointment reminders.

A for-profit social enterprise, the Toronto-based company will be national this summer, with access to the up-to-date information of health care facilities from coast to coast. The platform has APIs that offer the health care services directory and patient engagement services to partner apps and initiatives led by health care providers, agencies, vendors, and innovators.

“Open data and collaborative innovation will integrate the silos of the health care system,” says Dr. Doherty, “leading to efficient care delivery and better outcomes for patients and clinicians.”

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