Most people have combination skin — a dry patch here, a wrinkle there, some redness. But most products are designed for a single skin type or specific issue. Revolutionary cosmeceuticals create custom skincare blends using medical-grade ingredients to achieve the ultimate goal: luminous skin, no matter what type.
After an initial consultation with patients, Oakville dermatologist Dr. Sheetal Sapra creates an individualized blend from Universkin, which offers 19 pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients in 57 possible concentrations to create up to 1,159 unique formulations.

Mediaplanet: How do you use Universkin?

Dr. Sheetal Sapra: Universkin allows me to create a tailored product based on what I see when I examine a patient’s skin. I use it for anti-aging because it lets me combine Vitamin A and Vitamin C with products that produce collagen. I combine an “active” like azelaic acid or kojic acid for the treatment of rosacea or hyper-pigmentation. For dryness, I can add aloe. For acne, I can add salicylic or zinc sulfate. I add up to three ingredients to a neutral base to create a serum that people can use all over or just to spot-treat.

MP: Why is personalized skincare superior?   

DSS: It addresses skin issues like no other product on the market because it gives me the versatility to combine ingredients to treat some of the most common skin concerns. We take pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and use them as cosmeceuticals to repair, treat and prevent.

MP: What are some issues you treat with Universkin?

DSS: Whether it’s a medical problem for anti-aging or to reduce wrinkles, I can take whatever you’re using for skincare and add Universkin to give you a beautiful glow to your skin.