When one of Dr. Nathan Rosen’s new patients sat down in his office, she expected the cosmetic physician to start the conversation by indicating exactly where on her forty-year-old face injections were needed. She was surprised when he took a different approach.

Instead, Rosen started by asking her a series of questions that helped them both, injector and client, get to the heart of the matter: The woman was seeking treatment because she decided she looked older than she felt. Rosen used that information as a basis for treatment.

“Instead of treating lines in isolation, we came up with a broad plan on how to make her look younger,” he says. “She was thrilled with the results.”

Generally, injectors have focused on fixing defined issues, like wrinkles around the eyes or Marionette lines, which run straight down from the corners of the mouth.

Rosen’s approach was based on the MD Codes, a revolutionary methodology developed by world-renowned plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio of Brazil. The MD Codes help injectors determine how the client feels about her appearance and what her true motivation is — to look younger or more well-rested, for example — and gives injectors guidance on how to get the desired results using Juvéderm, the leading dermal filler in Canada.

The MD Codes indicate how areas of the face are linked to certain emotions such as anger, sadness, and others — identifying the correct treatment points and techniques.

To use the MD Codes effectively, the injector must have enough skill to tweak the guide as necessary — crafting it to the individual. “In the right hands,” says Dr. Rosen, “this methodology is a great tool.” It offers a more holistic approach and result.

At the end of a treatment session, the client leaves the clinic feeling confident that their appearance is more aligned with how they feel inside and want to be perceived to the world on the outside — for instance, youthful, happy, or just more alert. In many cases, MD Codes helps the individual look the way she feels.
“With MD Codes, you’re focusing on the full face and how patients want to feel about their overall appearance, rather than simply targeting lines. It’s a great approach to treatment,” says Dr. Channy Muhn, who runs the Burlington based dermatology clinic, Dermetics, with Rosen.

You can find a physician who specializes in cosmetics and is trained in both the science and art of MD Codes by visiting www.juvederm.ca.