The art of your retirement is in you. It all depends on your retirement being in sync with your style. Just as most of you have a preference to write with your left hand or your right hand, you also have a preferred personal style that impacts your retirement life. While everyone is made up of a blend of all four styles, you have a primary, most natural style.


For example, some of you will find satisfaction pursuing intellectual concepts, technology or innovation especially in your field of expertise where your knowledge is appreciated. You will gather data and information to make informed decisions about your finances. You may work, consult, mentor, play bridge or other challenging games, study or invent. You are most likely to enjoy individual sports like running, biking, or golfing.


Some of you will live your retirement making it up as you go, living in the moment. Your ability to observe, assess and come to quick decisions will be rewarded in work or volunteer roles. You will want the financial freedom to splurge and live spontaneously. You will need free rein in retirement so you may start your own company, perform or go on adventure travel. Practicing competitive sports will keep you in shape.


For some of you being of service to an organization where your natural talents to plan, organize, and coordinate are needed will be a fit for you. You may have difficulty spending the money you’ve diligently saved for your retirement until you are sure you will be able to meet your financial obligations now and in the future. For fun, you may belong to a choir, arts group, or book club. Hiking, dance, or ski clubs may be the way you stay fit.


Taking action to make this a better world will be fulfilling for some of you. Your strengths building relationships will allow you to make a difference. You will want to make financial contributions to worthwhile causes. You may volunteer, support friends or family, read or paint. You may like to enhance your well-being by taking walks or doing yoga.


Do any of these descriptions remind you of you? Can you picture your retirement life? Exploring your preferred style will help you understand yourself while appreciating similarities and differences of others. A retirement specialist may be able to guide you. Knowing your style will help you discover the art of your retirement.

By: I.J. (Ida-Jean) McIntyre, BA, JD