Mediaplanet: What is the most enjoyable part of being pregnant?
Kristin Cavallari Creating another life is truly a miracle and makes you realize how strong and amazing your body is. I had a newfound love and respect for my body during and after pregnancy. It’s an unbelievable journey to see your body go through so many changes. I loved the feeling of being responsible for this little life.

MP: What are the most essential pregnancy items you have purchased so far?
KC I kept a journal during both of my pregnancies and they are fun to go back and read. I also loved having a spa day at home with face masks and bubble baths.

MP: Has it been difficult balancing the challenges of life and work in your new role as an expecting parent?
KC The hardest part for me was those first few months when you are exhausted because I had a toddler to look after, so I couldn’t just get in bed and relax like I could with my first one. I was also careful not to overload my schedule while working so that I didn’t get sick and burnt out. I think learning to say no is one of the best things you can do for yourself while pregnant. You have to listen to your body and know when you need to take it easy.

MP: Have you been experiencing any odd food cravings?
KC No! I am the most boring pregnant woman. I only craved apples with almond butter.

MP: How has your life changed since you’ve become pregnant?
KC To be honest, not too much changed. I still worked, worked out, and was able to cook and do things I love. The only difference was that I was tired more often.

MP: Have you been following an exercise program?
KC Yes, I did a lot of workout DVDs that included lunges, squats, and a ton of leg workouts. I also have light weights at home that I use.

MP: Have you given up any habits? Was it difficult?
KC The only thing that was hard to give up was turkey! I love homemade turkey sandwiches. Occasionally I would throw turkey in the microwave and make one but they just weren’t the same. I also really missed sushi.

MP: What has surprised you the most about pregnancy?

KC: The hot flashes! I would get so hot out of nowhere. I felt like my mom going through menopause! I was also really surprised that pregnancy is really 10 months's a full nine months and that last month is brutal! It drags on forever and you are so uncomfortable. I couldn't believe how tired I was in the first trimester as well..I could sleep all day every day. 

MP: What advice would you give as a first time mom?

KC: To just breathe during the hard moments because they are over so quickly and everything always ends up working out. You should always trust your gut. You know your baby better than anybody else. As a new mom everyone will tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing but only you truly know what's right.