Mediaplanet: You are a recent parent, what has been the most amazing experience so far?
Ana Ortiz You never realize how much you can love until you have children. That has been the most amazing part so far.

MP: How would you explain the concept of cord blood banking to someone that has never heard of it before?
AO Cord blood banking is essentially reusing all of the cells and nutrients in your umbilical cord and preserving them in case your child develops some sort of serious illness. The cells have a very strong healing power for your child in the most efficient way possible. It is a very proactive way of planning for the worst, instead of trying to find someone who is a match for your child. It is really a tremendous medical breakthrough that can really impact humanity.

MP: Why did you decide to follow through with cord blood banking?
AO It seemed better to be safe than sorry, in the most simplistic terms. There are really no disadvantages to the procedure.

MP: What are some common misconceptions surrounding this medical procedure?
AO I think a big misconception, that even I was guilty of believing, is that it is cost-prohibitive. People automatically assume that it’s expensive or a very difficult procedure, when in reality the hospitals make it very easy and accessible.

MP: Was there a particular individual that influenced your decision? Who should you involve in the conversation?
AO I obviously involved my husband and my mom. She was so excited to learn that this was a possibility. Natalie Klein at Hollywood Hot Moms really influenced me the most.

MP: Where did you first hear of this option?
AO Natalie Klein from the website Hollywood Hot Moms introduced me and influenced me the most regarding this procedure — she did it with both of her kids. She’s the baby guru, so I follow her advice and it has never failed me.

MP: When is the best time to consider cord blood banking, and is it ever too late?
AO It is important to become aware of the topic earlier than later because a day or two after the birth, the window might expire. I became familiar around the 7 months-pregnant mark. They do the procedure right there in the hospital after birth and make it extremely easy.