Many women feel uncomfortable discussing their intimate health, but understanding your body’s natural aging process can dramatically affect your quality of life.

“All women should consider urogenital health a priority for overall healthy aging,” says Dr. Mandy Wong, President-Elect of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and a physician at the Restore Vein and Skin Centre in Kelowna, BC. She treats many patients who share similar concerns about their vaginal health during mid-life.

“Most women who aren’t supplementing with estrogen in menopause experience this, but nobody talks about it,” Dr. Wong says. “Problems with intercourse, peeing when you cough  — these are things we don’t often talk about, even with our girlfriends, much less our doctors.”

Women may simply accept urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness as inevitable and may be unaware of new non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment options. Fortunately, physicians with expertise in urogenital health can discern whether treatments like vaginal rejuvenation will reduce your symptoms.

Your health is always a priority. Make sure you visit a licensed physician to learn more about your urogenital health.