Changing perceptions of beauty are creating new trends in rhinoplasty. According to Dr. Kristina Zakhary, a leading rhinoplasty surgeon based in Calgary, women no longer want the cookie-cutter nose.

“Patients aren’t chasing perfection,” Dr. Zakhary says. “They want to improve their appearance while embracing their individual beauty. One of the most common requests I hear is, ‘I still want to look like myself.’”

Rhinoplasty continues to be the most frequently performed procedure in cosmetic facial surgery. And with recent advancements in surgical techniques, patients can better achieve the natural look they want. Cosmetic surgeons now perform less-destructive preservation rhinoplasty, and the procedures are more focused on precision sculpting. “It’s a more conservative approach that preserves the structure of the nose,” Dr. Zakhary explains, “and it reduces the likelihood of revisionary surgery.”

Besides cosmetic advantages, a nose job can have significant emotional and social benefits if patients are pleased with the results. “It can be a great way to harmonize the way you look on the outside with how you feel on the inside,” Dr. Zakhary says.

Being happy with your appearance can increase self-confidence, boost self-esteem, and improve your overall approach to life.

Do your homework

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, do thorough research and make sure you’re ready. “A good candidate is someone who has specific, long-standing concerns with their nose,” Dr. Zakhary says. In other words, this isn’t something to decide on a whim.

The anatomy of the nose makes rhinoplasty a complex surgery. If you’ve decided on the procedure, it’s crucial to find a surgeon with the right skills, expertise, and experience. “Look for a surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery,” recommends Dr. Zakhary, “and has their finger on the pulse of advancements in rhinoplasty.”

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