As companies race to grow, produce, and sell cannabis and related products, it seems that little attention is being paid to proper education around its usage. And as we approach recreational legalization in Canada, addressing the knowledge gap in the industry is more crucial than ever.

Companies like Cannvas MedTech are up to the challenge. Their Cannvas.Me platform provides free, unbiased educational resources for medicinal and recreational cannabis users. The website has physician-backed content created with TDSB-certified educators and innovative tools for anyone who wants to learn whether health care through cannabis could be beneficial to their lifestyle.

Free, unbiased content

“It’s a resource for potential and active users of cannabis from all walks of life,” says Shawn Moniz, CEO at Cannvas MedTech, “as well as for organizations like medical clinics, insurance portals, pharmacies, and educational institutions.”

The platform harnesses the power of user-driven data, machine learning, and AI technology to offer relevant and tailored suggestions for each user’s health care journey. Users can educate themselves with learning modules as part of Cannvas Academy or try the interactive Ailment-to-Strain Matcher.

A unique feature on the platform is the Cannvas Culinary section, which features recipes and expert advice on how to eat better with cannabis. “We want to dispel the myth that edibles only include sugary desserts,” says Daniel Davidzon, Marketing Manager at Cannvas MedTech. The company has partnered with Canadian chef Cody Lindsay of The Wellness Soldier, who will create healthy recipes as alternatives to the pre-made edibles currently available.

To get users excited about learning, Cannvas awards them points when they complete learning modules, leave reviews, and engage with the site. “We wanted to add a fun element to the learning process while ensuring our users can enjoy lifestyles they aspire to with no pressure to purchase or consume cannabis,” explains Davidzon. The points can be exchanged for lifestyle rewards such as movie passes or grocery gift cards.

The platform operates independent of any licensed producers or clinical funding, working with its own Medical Advisory Board, Health and Innovation Advisory Board, and Education Advisory Panel to provide a safe space for potential users to learn about cannabis.

Davidzon says producing unbiased content is crucial to developing trust. “We can’t leave cannabis education to producers and distributors who have a stake in the industry,” he says. However, he also notes the platform encourages users to ultimately have a discussion with their primary care physicians before beginning any cannabis treatment.

The future is pet pot-friendly

Much like the Cannvas.Me platform, Cannvas Medtech is developing a resource for pet owners called Cannvas.Pet to explore the health care benefits of cannabis for their furry friends. Ongoing research on CBD treats and oils has shown promise in various pet ailments like digestive problems, inflammation, and pain. “Pets can suffer just like their owners, and in some cases, the use of medical cannabis can help treat ailments,” says Davidzon. “Through technology and machine learning, we wanted to create an online authority for pet owners to educate, track, and improve the overall treatment of their fuzzy friends.”

Register for free at Cannvas.Me today to learn whether medical cannabis can benefit your lifestyle.