Seniors in Canada are living longer and healthier lives than previous generations. Here are three organizations making a difference in the elder health care industry through a greater focus on holistic wellness and patient-centred care.


Jane Teasdale
Mosaic Home Care Ltd.

Why We Need Greater Respect for Caregivers

As we age, we may come to depend on the care provided by front line health care workers either to allow us to remain in our homes or to support important aspects of comfort and community in other settings. 

But, care is much more than providing clinical care and supporting activities related to daily living.  It’s also about addressing important aspects of the whole person that continue to have meaning.  We depend on meaningful connections to others, to the place we live, and to our wider communities.   

In order to address the needs of the whole person, we must also respect the personhood of caregivers and provide necessary wider community and vocational support.  This bigger picture extends well beyond the resources of the health care system to the community and all who live in it. We all have a role to play in improving the care experience!



Lori Germain & Leigh Merlo
Discerning Seniors Inc.

Enjoy Your Golden Years with a Lifestyle Concierge

Growing old is a natural stage of life that we should all lean towards, enjoy, and embrace.

Many seniors perceive aging as a sign of weakness, because it requires asking for help. But in fact, asking for help and planning for retirement years is a sign of strength and maturity. It can also help seniors avoid loneliness, one of the biggest struggles of aging. 

Discerning Seniors is a unique concierge service that helps seniors and their families navigate through various lifestyle options. They help identify areas of support, create a bespoke plan with vetted services,  and even help put the plan in action. Whether it’s finding the right retirement home, coordinating a dream vacation, or scheduling meal deliveries, Discerning Seniors caters to your lifestyle preferences. 

Visit Discerning Seniors Inc. to learn more and take charge of your life.


Elizabeth Macnab

The Importance of Continuous Learning as We Age

To age well, the Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations (OSSCO) discovered, in conversation with seniors, that older people need and want more learning opportunities. Learning serves many purposes for greater personal development. The quest for new information allows us to gain knowledge and learn about ways we can improve our lives or protect ourselves. 

While casual learning can happen on a daily basis in short bursts, some of the best information can be learned through OSSCO’s half-day workshop or six-week computer program. The well-designed learning programs create new social connections, helping break down the barriers of loneliness and social isolation that many seniors may experience. 

The organization offers a variety of educational learning programs across Ontario. For more information, visit Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations to book a free workshop in your community today.