To properly manage their blood glucose levels and stay healthy, people suffering from type 2 diabetes need to monitor their diet and ensure they achieve and maintain a healthy weight. However, the constant need to stick to a food plan — while calculating carbohydrates from food packaging — can turn mealtimes from relaxing breaks into taxing chores.

There’s a new, safe alternative that can help diabetics rediscover the pleasure of eating — no calculations necessary: meals developed by Dr. Isabelle Huot, nutritionist and professional dietician, and her team of specialists.

The wide range of meals each contain no more than 45 grams of carbohydrates, are a good source of fiber, have no additives, and are handmade. And with enough protein and a limited amount of sodium, each meal is suitable for everyone — whether or not you have diabetes.

This range of delicious and balanced meals is complemented by wholesome snacks that combine carbohydrates and protein and come in seven varieties; breakfast cereals and sugar-free fruit spreads with chia seeds are just some of the new features from Dr. Huot.

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