ur brains have the ability to reorganize and adapt themselves to form new neural connections throughout our lifetime. Scientists have shown brains to be malleable enough to be rewired — so that one area can assume the function of another. Here are five easy ways to stimulate your brain.


➊ Exercise your brain by playing an instrument, reading a novel, learning a new language, or taking on a new hobby.

➋ Practise positivity and action-oriented thinking. Keep a gratitude journal to help drive positive thinking and be optimistic.

➌ Consume superfoods like omega-3 fatty acids, which positively affect mood, memory, and brain performance.

➍ Sleep well to reboot your brain. A good sleep flushes out accumulated toxins and cements new learning and memories through neuroplasticity.

➎ Increase your social network and interactions, as they have been shown to boost brain function as much as intellectual stimulation.