Working with a psychologist at Medcan, Suzanne was able to adopt new coping skills through cognitive behavioural therapy. The other area that needed to be addressed was the suitability of her current medication.

She opted for pharmacogenomic testing, a specialized genetic test, to pinpoint which drugs would work for her and which would not. Suzanne learned she was a fast metabolizer of the drug she had been prescribed. Her body processed it so quickly she was not getting the full benefit of the medication.

Armed with this information and suggestions for alternative medications that she could metabolize more effectively, she was able to talk to her psychiatrist about changing her prescription. When she switched to a new drug, her anxiety and depression symptoms subsided, thanks to the data she received through testing.

“Without genetic testing, there can be a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right medication,” explains Jill Davies, Director, Genetics at Medcan. “Someone seeking treatment for anxiety or depression tries on average four different drugs before getting the right one.”

Pharmacogenomic testing removes the guesswork and predicts likely results, even potential side effects of a drug. It’s a powerful new tool for patients looking for the best possible health outcomes.

*Actual name withheld