While a home stairlift is a great solution for those with mobility challenges, some still feel a stigma around using them and fear the perception of disability if friends or family know one has been installed in the home. For Acorn Stairlifts, however, using any aid is a sign of the determination to lead both a happy and independent lifestyle.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1992, the company’s mission was to make simplified mobility a reality for those who couldn’t afford products already on the market. Fast forward 26 years, and the company has more than 350,000 customers in 80 countries worldwide. Acorn’s history in Canada started in 2003 and its transition from operating in a spare bedroom with a one-man team to becoming the country’s leading supplier of residential stairlifts is nothing short of remarkable. The head office is now located in Burlington, ON, where people can test out the stairlifts before making a purchase.

Acorn Canada offers three products in its catalogue — two indoor stairlift solutions and one outdoor option. The reasoning behind this unique approach is that the three product offerings fit virtually every requirement a person could have when addressing the need for assistance on the stairs. The company also manufactures and conducts all the testing for its stairlifts internally.

Regaining your independence

Using a stairlift can provide the freedom to live independently, without relying on loved ones or caregivers.

Investing in a mobility device like a stairlift also means that seniors can stay in the home they love, for longer. For many, there’s an emotional attachment to the family home that comes from years of endless memories and a new chapter of life. It can be an emotional experience for anyone to move out of their home, but for seniors, this type of major change can also have a negative impact on health.

Another important aspect to think about when considering an assistive device is safety. Stairs can be viewed as obstacles, which can lead to a fear of using them. Many seniors experience a growing aversion to using the stairs as they age — especially if they’ve had an accident while going up or down a staircase. Sometimes, this fear is compounded in an emergency situation, making it an unavoidable foe in many homes. The repetitive motion of going up and down the stairs can also be damaging to the joints, especially if the user is suffering from osteoarthritis. Stairlifts can give families and caregivers peace of mind that their loved one is navigating through their home, safely.