oronto dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll regularly hears frustrations from her patients about how their outward appearance doesn’t match how they feel on the inside, despite the use of expensive beauty creams. “She feels like a 35-year-old woman,” Dr. Carroll says of a patient. “She still sees herself with that same amount of energy and drive but to the outside world she looks tired, almost invisible. She doesn’t look like herself.”

For noticeable, immediate results, Dr. Carroll advises patients to try a non-invasive anti-aging procedure. For her youthful client in the 50s, Dr. Carroll used a small amount of an injectable cosmetic treatment — also known as a filler — around her mouth for a natural-looking improvement. “I showed her the mirror immediately afterward and she said ‘Wow, I don’t have that sad face anymore!’”

“I always tell my patients it’s as important who is holding the needle as what’s in the needle.”


Safe and effective yet non-invasive

Many dermatologic anti-aging cosmetic treatments are effective, safe and yet non-invasive. Dr. Anatoli Freiman, Dermatologist and Medical Director of the Toronto Dermatology Centre, says treatments like injectable soft tissue fillers can last for up to 18 months with minimal downtime. “It’s a much quicker lunchtime procedure as opposed to going under the knife,” Dr. Freiman explains. “[Fillers are] very safe. They’ve been around for many years and when used properly by experienced injectors they last for quite a long time.”

Choosing practitioners wisely

If you’re thinking about improving your appearance through cosmetic treatments, Dr. Carroll advises you to select your physician wisely. “I always tell my patients it’s as important who is holding the needle as what’s in the needle.” She recommends booking consults with a few doctors to gather information, view before and after photos and find out more about those patients’ experiences to see if a doctor is a good fit. “You really want a physician who shares your treatment goals.”